Club members can use the library of the Perfin club.
Recently a number of new perfincatalogues have been included in the library of the Perfinclub. It’s about the following publications:

                        – Canada: Catalog Canadian Stamps with perforated initials, 5th edition,   BNAPS Perfin Study Group, 2014, edited by Jon Johnson and Gary Tomasson.
– The Perfin Stamps of India catalog, updated by Jeff Turnbull, 2017; original: 1990 by Magnus Werner.
– The Perfin Stamps of Malaya catalog, updated by Jeff Turnbull, 2017;  original: 1989 by Peter Giffin.
– Perfincatalogue of Ireland, 2018, Perfin Society, edited by Roy Gault.
– Perfincatalogus from Romania, update 2018.

Members of the Perfin club can borrow these publications via librarian Pieter Gommans, e-mail address: Send him an e-mail about the catalog you want to borrow and on the next PCN meeting he will bring the requested publication for you.