ERRATA in the Catalog of the perfins of Belgium

CN 2
: Nationaal instead of Naationaal

CT 2: seal PZ 74 is incorrectly mentioned twice.

DV 2: seal PZ 199 is incorrectly mentioned twice.

ECO: should be ECo.

FW 2: Image is incorrect, the correct image is:

HPC: name is incorrect, Heitzel must be Heltzel

JW 3:
The line: “komt ook voor in Luxemburgse zegels mi 87 165 166” appears at JW 3 but should be at JW 4.

M&Co 1: stamp PZ 133 wrongly twice

S1: 11 holes in stead of 14

SF 10: User is SchroederFrères, Liège

USP:  User is United States Petroleum Company, SociéteAnonye, ​​28, Rue Saint-Michel Brussels

VG 1: Image is too big, the correct image is:

ov FNBT on pg. 345: Removed because it is equivalent to FNBT on pg. 161