Errata in the 3rd edition of the Catalog of perfins of the Netherlands and Overseas.

Page Perfin Remark
9 AH 1 AH 1 and AH 2 are reversed in the table.
31 AT Name in block and 1st line must be: TheuNs.
38 BK 2 Japan Mail Stemship must be: Japan Mail Steamship.
39 BMW Batava must be: Batavia
43 BV 1 Name in block becomes Barlage& Veder instead of F. Michelsohn. As first line is added WITHOUT check mark: Barlage& Veder, Scheepmakers-haven 16, Commissionairs; period of use is from 1891-1901 instead of 1891-1900.
43 BV 2 N.V. Blaauwhoedenveen-… must be: N.V. Blaauwhoedenveem-., both in block and 1st line of text.
49 CC 2 Caotchouc must be: Caoutchouc.
49 CC 3 Caotchouc must be: Caoutchouc.
72 EL Wijs Muller must be: Wijsmuller.
76 FAAZ Zwaam must be: Zwaan.
86 GP 2 Only the cancellation ‘Almelo’ (round stamp only) provides certainty for GP 1 and the cancellation ‘Rotterdam’ (usually machine-flag stamp) provides certainty for GP 2.
89 GS 5 GebrScheuer must be: Gebr. Scheuer.
112 H&V 1 N.V. Maatschappij Zevaart must be: N.V. Maatschappij Zeevaart.
115 IGB Gewapend Beton-bouw must be: Gewapendbeton-Bouw. (2x).
124 JL Spaarlaan 380 must be: Spoorlaan 380.
137 KOL 173B must be after 172B.
148 L&M User name is Luijks instead of Luyks.
158 M&Z 1 User is: Meddens & Zoon, so with an n.
158 M&Z 2 The same applies here.
154 MN 2 The user must be: N.V. L.A. Moll s A.T.I.M, so addition of s.
171 NBV Doetinchem Heerenberg must be: ’s-Heerenberg.
173 NBV Emmen Exlo must be: Exloo.
175 NBV Goes This is Krunning instead of Kruiningen.
175 NBV Gouda Nieuwerkerk ad IJssel must be: Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel.
185 NBV Middelharnis Here is Sommeldijk instead of Sommelsdijk.
186 NBV Oldenzaal Not all but almost all copies are more or less incomplete.
196 NBV Winschoten Here is Nieuwolde in stead of Nieuwolda.
202 NGB Under the frame Gymnaslasien instead of Gymnasiasts.
257 S&C 4 CANCELED, this appears to be S&CR where the R has completely disappeared.
258 S&CR This appears to be a multiple perforator, add m-v. And add the following comment: – At the end of the usage period, the bottom and sometimes even the entire R disappears at one of the stamps.
263 T 2 In user name remove ‘Fa.’
272 VB 3 User must be: De Venlosche Handelsbank. Also in text under frame.
275 VDB 2 In block Oss Rotterdam, (1893) must be: (1891).
277 VDS In user name under frame is: bulbfarm instead of bulbfarms.
278 VE&VO In user name under frame is: cagadoors instead of cargadoors.
282 VM 1 Valasuqes must be: Velasques
282 VM 1 Mereveldhoven must be: Meerveldhoven.
285 VO 1 Name user is NV PHs. Van Ommeren Scheepvaartbedrijf (so capital H and shipping company together).
287 VS 1 Name user is: A.H. van Schijndel and not A.M. van Schijndel.
321 z interest stamp At re b26, 60c carmine / green must be: 60c red / brown.
344 AK Add for ALV User: Russian perfin: ArchangelskKontora, main post office of Archangelsk. Stamps: 77C.
344 AO Add after ALV User: Russian perfin: ArchangelskOtdelenie, hulppostkantoor Archangelsk. Stamps: 77C.