The origin
In the fall of 1986 a number of enthousiastic perfin collectors met each other in Amersfoort. The reason was the desire of some collectors to intensivate contacts with each other. This meeting resulted in the establishment of the Club Perfin Netherlands in March 1987. The association is a specialized club. It soon became clear that this establishment was no unnecessary luxury. Many interested people from home and abroad joined the club. The membership figure is about 180, from eight different countries.

Apart from the four meetings a year, a magazine, the ‘Perfinpost’ is issued, club auctions (members only) are held and a library is available.

The meetings, which are only accessible for members, take place four times a year on Saturday in ‘t Veerhuis in Nieuwegein. At 10.00 a.m. the room is open for a social gathering where things worth knowing are exchanged. There is also ample time for the exchange of perfin material. During one of the meetings the General Assembly takes place, in which the annual report and budget are determined and other club matters are addressed.

Club Auction
The meetings are attended by members from home and abroad. At each meeting a club auction takes place. Not only Dutch perfins are offered, but also perfins from abroad, collections, literature and catalogues. At these meetings members can study all offered lots before bidding begins.
The auction list (approximately 300 lots) including a description of the offered material is always sent together with the Perfinpost. This magazine is published four times a year, about two weeks before the meeting.

A special exhibition cadre is available. In this cadre one of the members can present his or her collection to the other members.