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Update: October 2019

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33 AZ Also: Holland-Marocco Handelsvereeniging, Prins Hendrikkade 148, Amsterdam. Cancellation Amsterdam, 11/27/1915.

77 FC There are two variations of the perfin FC made by two different perforators. The perfin FC in the catalog becomes perfin FC 1; the second variation with larger holes and slightly larger width becomes perfin FC 2.

146 LS 1 Also: Swiss Society of Life Insurance and Annuity in Zurich, Heerengracht 124-128, later Heerengracht 514 in Amsterdam. Cancellation 30 July 1927.

257 S&C 4 S&C 4 does not exist; it’s S&CR
297 WP After investigation, this perfin does not exist. See the article from Perfinpost 126: The perfin WP is canceled.
310 JM 2 New found perfin JM from the Dutch East Indies in NVPH No. 8. The stamp was used between 1870 and 1888 with stamp 3 from Soerabaija.

323 AD Also found in sales tax stamps, in particular in o A0.06 and o A1.20
326 ES 1 Also found in sales tax stamp, especially in o A0.90

335 RM&Z New perfin RM&Z in adhesive stamp pl 298, 10 cents, used on 16 May 1928. User: banker R. Mees and Zoonen in Rotterdam. The perfin consists of 13, 19, 12 10 holes and is 7 mm high. The holes in the image are made black.

338 VB 4 Also found in tax stamp, in particular in pl 298.
339 VDS Also found in tax stamp, in particular in pl 299
341 HSBC Perfin of Ned. Indies, also found in tax stamp, in particular in pl 10 ct.
348 CM 2 New German perfin found in nr. 35: CM by C. Mebus, Wermelkirchen.

348 Retort Known in German seal, Deutsches Reich mi 159