Payment of membership fee

If you want to join the PCN, you COMPLETE fill out the application form.
Your membership starts on the date you meet two conditions:

1. The fee should be transferred to bank account NL68 INGB 0000954246 at Perfin Club Netherlands.
The annual subscription fee is € 13.00 for members in the Netherlands and € 18.00 for members abroad.
You do not live in the Netherlands, but in the EU, you can pay by IBAN/BIC.
IBAN: NL 68 INGB 0000954246
If you transfer the amount do not forget to mention your name and address!
The fee is valid form January 1 until December 31.
In case of registration after July 1, the fee will be only Euro 9,00

2. You need to send a debit authorization to the treasurer so the fees can be collected and you can join the auctions.
This requirement also applies to foreign members within the euro zone.
The authorization card will be sent to you by the Secretary.