The new catalog of the perfins of Belgium is a book in A4-format,consisting of 364 pages in total. More than 40,000 stamps have been included.

The cover of the new catalog

To get an impression of the contents of the catalog, you can also see a part of a catalog page above. You will see that the different types of stamps are indicated by means of codes.
Below is an explanation of these codes.

Perfins occur in many different types of Belgian stamps. The numbering of the stamps is based on three catalogues:

Official Belgian Stamp Catalogue:
PZ franking stamps
LP airmail stamps
TG telegraph stamps
TX Postage Stamps
DI service stamps
OC occupation stamps
JO newspaper stamps
PU advertising stamps
TR railway stamps

Benelux Revenues of J Barefoot Ltd (2007 2nd Edition):
BA poster
BB scholarship
BC credit
BE exchange
BT transport
BM storage
BBA bank
BR revenue
BQ receipt

The Postal Stationery of Belgium from Société Belge de l’Entier Postal, 2020:
Pbk postcard
Pdb postcard German occupation
Pbl mail sheet
Ppu publibel
Pbr PWS letter
Pg Illustrated Postcard

Next the precancels.

PRE precancels
Unfortunately, we could not use the ‘Catalogus van de Belgische voorafgestempelde postzegels met firmaperforaties’ (2010) by Marc Vermeulen and Mon Römer for the precancels, because in the meantime more precancels with perfins are already known than mentioned in that catalogue.
For that reason, we have chosen to include the precancels print in its entirety.

The catalog costs € 29. Members can buy one copy for € 16.
The catalog can be ordered by sending an e-mail to
The shipping costs for shipping within the Netherlands are € 5 and € 10 outside the Netherlands.