A receipt has been found with a seal with a completely new perfin: RM & Z in adhesive seal pl298, 10 cent, used on May 16, 1928. At the same time the receipt reveals the name of the user: R. Mees and Zoonen in Rotterdam. A very old and well-known banker in the center of Rotterdam.

Actually, it is very strange that a perfin of such a large company appears only after such a long time.

For clearity the perfing holes are manually blacked. The perfin consists of 13, 19, 12 holes and is 7 mm high.
Below you find a piece of info with a photo of the building on the Blaak in Rotterdam.

R. Mees & Zoonen – since 1720 – has built up a particularly rich history in the bustling heart of Rotterdam’s banking and insurance business. As a result, in 2011 it was able to transform into the modern, professional insurance company that meets the high quality that insurers, intermediaries, regulators and policyholders expect.

Nico van der Lee, article in Perfinpost nr. 126