It is about airmail NVPH 9, see the new April 2018 message.
The inventory yielded the following:
(9A is perforation 14 1/4: 13½ comb dent and 9B is perforation 12½ line dent)
GWC is known in stamp 9A,
HC 1 is known in 9A and 9B,
S 2 is known in 9A and 9B,
VH & C 1 is known in 9B
VH & C 2 is known in 9A
VN 1 is known in 9A and 9B
We have not yet received any further information from VD 2.
As a new find we have JH 1 in stamp 9A.

As a nice “bycatch” we have the remark that seal NVPH 133 also exists in several tandingen. They are: A: line tooth 11½ x 11, B: line tooth 11½ and C: comb tooth 12½.
Almost all stamps are in tanding C, please indicate the other.
This way the catalog is becoming more complete.

Jan L. Verhoeven (