Review of the first PCN internet auction

Due to the Corona measures, the PCN meeting of May 2 could not take place. It was then decided not to send Perfinpost and of course the auction was canceled.
Based on some responses, it was then investigated whether it was possible to make an existing internet auction suitable for the PCN. When that was successful, it was proposed to the board and the entrants to hold an internet auction that ended on Saturday 23 May at 8 p.m.
Putting it together was a lot of work but the result was beyond expectations.

All members have been written to, including those whose e-mail address is not known. 50 members have registered.
Of the 229 lots, 144 were sold, which is 62% and therefore comparable to the percentage of the indoor auctions. Much has been commanded and outbidding; almost 300 bids, so an average of two bids per lot sold. Large lots were also sold, but the individual issues in the Netherlands in particular were relatively good.
All in all, this has been a successful action that, in my opinion, is worth repeating. The responses I have received clearly asked for a repeat. The preparations require a lot more work, but the implementation and handling are a lot easier on a number of points.

Will there be a repeat?
The answer to that is YES.
The “heart” of our association consists of the meeting with an indoor auction. Skipping or reducing the room auction is therefore not an option.
With sufficient supply of material, we can organize an internet auction about halfway between two meetings, except in the summer. That would therefore mean that we continue to hold a meeting with indoor auction every quarter and that we have an extra internet auction three times a year. The amount of material is not a problem for the time being.
This means that in addition to the meeting of November 21, two internet auctions are also scheduled. And on Saturday October 10 and Saturday December 19. Both auctions close at 8.00 p.m.
All members with a correct e-mail address in the member database will receive an e-mail as soon as an internet auction starts, which will be approximately 3 weeks before the mentioned dates. So make sure that your e-mail address is and remains correct!

Nico van der Lee, PCN auctioneer.