Looking back at the 5th PCN internet auction

Last Saturday the 5th internet auction of the PCN ended. More than 62% of the lots have been bought by our members!
However, there have been a number of problems. As some times before some e-mails from the system did not arrive. In the last half hour and immediately afterwards, many emails have been sent by the system. So much so that the server started to think it was SPAM. And that’s not allowed by the provider. The auctioneer has been in contact with that provider but they cannot (or will not) exclude that separately for the PCN website. So we have to learn to live with that.
Another problem was that the database turned out to be blocked immediately after the shutdown. The auctioneer was able to get all the information back but that took a lot of time and effort. He then had to make the revenue list manually for a part, so there could be a mistake in it.

You will find the yield list of the fifth PCN internet auction in the private part of the website under Extra / Veilinglijsten. Hopefully it will give you the desired information.

Nico van der Lee, veilingmeester@perfinclub.nl