Developments in the PCN auction

The meeting of February 27 cannot take place again due to the Corona. So no indoor auction. For that reason, there will be an internet auction on Saturday 27 February that will end at 8 p.m. The 567 lots will be visible again on from Saturday 13 February at 8 p.m.
Perfinpost nr. 135 also includes the list of lots that will be put on the internet. In addition to bidding
via the site, it is also possible to bid in writing.
This auction includes a number of special lots such as the completely new perfin VG 2 and Michelius perfin Ster.
Furthermore, a beautiful collection has arrived, which is offered as a composition divided per perfin over a number of auctions. Good quality with regularly better to even good perfins in it.

As a result of the lockdowns, a number of PCN indoor auctions have already been canceled. By setting up the internet auction, we were able to give members the opportunity to submit new material purchase or offer duplicates to other members. But that also poses new challenges.

Mail does not arrive at the buyer
At the last auction, one of the letters sent did not reach the buyer. The amount was less than € 150,
so it was sent not registered. And then you can jump high or low, but PostNL cannot do anything.
And you will understand that at the internet auction (almost) everything has to be shipped. At the last
auction, about 70 letters and packages were to be sent. This will also increase the chance that this will
occur more often in the future.
The PCN cannot bear this risk, but we do not want to place the risk entirely with the members. The board has therefore decided the following:
– Shipments with a value (of the surcharge including costs) up to € 50 will be shipped as usual. The
recipient assumes the risk of loss. However, the recipient can of course request for registered mail,
then a claim is possible with PostNL.
– Shipments with a value between € 50 and € 500 will be sent by registered mail. In the event of damage
or loss, PostNL indicates it will pay out up to a maximum of € 500.
– Shipments with a value above € 500 will be sent by registered mail with insured value. In the event
of damage or loss, PostNL indicates it will pay out up to a maximum of € 5,500.
The costs do increase, but in our opinion the risks for the association and the members are reasonably
covered in the correct manner.

How are we going to do the auctions in the future?
We have experienced that showing all lots on the internet is very positive for many members, especially
those who are (usually) not present at the meetings. This could lead to a decision to always have an auction at
the internet in future. The PCN board is of the opinion that the meetings form the backbone of the association
and that the meeting will not be viable without a hall auction. The indoor auction must therefore continue
(if it is possible again). Combining a room auction on the internet (i.e. bidding live via the internet)
is not an option for the PCN board.
The board has therefore decided that in future, all lots will be made visible on the internet for a room auction,
but that bidding can only be done by written bids (which are included in the room auction) or of course in
the room. We are creating a new internet site where all lots are shown in the same way as now with the
internet auction. Members who are unable or unwilling to attend the meeting can place bids in writing up
to the day before the auction. This can be done by e-mail, via the e-mail function on that site or by post.
In addition, we strive to put together one or more internet auctions per year in addition to the four indoor
auctions, if possible, depending on the amount of available material.
With these measures we try to serve the members, including the foreign members, as much as possible
without the members or the association running undesirable risks.

Nico van der Lee, auctioneer Perfin Club Netherlands.